AirWatch Inbox


Overview The settings used in the installation instructions should be similar for all Apple devices. There may be slight differences depending on the version of iOS. What to Expect After Enrollment The device will: Display the AirWatch Agent app Display the AirWatch Inbox app Display the Aintree Application Catalogue Process Enrollment & Configuration Start your […]

Free WiFi Terms and Conditions


By using this service, I agree to abide by the following Terms and Conditions: The browsing or downloading of material of an illegal or offensive nature is not permitted. This includes but is not limited to: copyrighted movies, music (mp3’s), or software, hacking/cracking material, or adult material. There are no exceptions to this policy. The […]

Outlook Asks for Logon Information


Symptoms When you start Outlook you are prompted for login information to an unknown application. This issue can sometimes arise when you are connected in remotely via AppGate.  The system that Outlook is trying to connect to is Meeting Room Manager but it either cannot connect or the plugin has not been configured properly. The login […]

AppGate Java Errors

Java logo

You Get a Java Security Message When Starting AppGate When you try to start the AppGate client on your computer to connect back to Aintree, you get a pop up window from Java saying Application Blocked by Java Security.   This message appears due to security settings in the latest version of the Java Runtime’s […]

Maximising Sigma on Your Screen


We are receiving calls from staff having problems viewing Sigma when it has been opened on the computer screen. This is because it has been minimised onto the Task bar. Logging in to Sigma but application not appearing If you log in to sigma and the application is not loading up, and you can only […]