Navigating the Skype for Business Client


To use Skype for Business you need to be put in the correct Skype AD Security Group by the service desk. Once the client is installed on your Laptop/PC it should start automatically when you login.


If you minimize or even close this window using x in the top right hand corner Skype for Business will continue to run in the background.  You can open the window again by clicking on it in the taskbar.


Or by right clicking on the arrow in the system tray on the bottom right hand side of your screen and select the blue Skype for Business icon.


The taskbar items as per below provide different function’s


SkypeGuide05This is the contact tab from here you can add contacts and sort into groups. NB once sorted into groups you can instant Message (IM) the whole group at once if needed.
SkypeGuide06This is the persistent chat room tab; privileged users can create chat rooms and invite others. These can be open or closed room’s, they can be searchable or hidden. Any chat in this room is persistent and can be viewed later as a reference. You can change the notification settings for each room to alert you via various methods if an update is left by another user. If you require access to create chatrooms please call the service desk.
SkypeGuide07This is the recent conversations tab. You can look back at the content of all your recent conversations. Note all conversations you are involved in are saved in Outlook in a folder called “Conversation History”
SkypeGuide08This is the voice mail feature it is redundant as the trust uses CISCO call manager which itself integrates with Exchange and Outlook.
SkypeGuide09Meetings tab – This lists any meetings you have in Outlook in the next 24hrs
SkypeGuide10Settings, in here are many different personal settings, most are through the Tools – Options menu. NB if you wish to change your Skype picture which will also be used in the address book and in all internal emails then please follow this article xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Please ensure you use a head and shoulders picture that is both professional and appropriate