Install Skype for Business Client on PC or Laptop



In order to install the client onto your PC or Laptop, you must be part of the Skype Enabled group. This can be checked on request by the IT Service Desk


    1. Installation couldn’t be easier
    2. Once you are in the group, you will need to be logged onto your PC or Laptop
    3. For Windows 7 orĀ 10 -> Click Start and search for Software Center
    4. For Windows 8.1 or 10 > Right-click Start and search for Software Center
    5. Click Find additional applications from the Application Catalog (top right hand corner underneath Search). This will show all the applications that are available to you
    6. Select Skype for Business and click Install

      Click to enlarge
    7. You will now be able to launch Skype for Business and sign in